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Magical Women’s One-Year Anniversary – Broadway World

The Magical Women project is dedicated to honoring women in under-represented careers. The project started with star-maker, Connie Boyd, and her vision to fill a void to document & source Magical Women globally. As a trained dancer and an experienced illusionist, mentor, coach, producer and director herself, the subject was a topic Connie understood well and could easily relate to

A.A Cristi, Broadway World.

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Billy Kidd Female Magician
Magical Women

Billy Kidd

Billy Kidd is not your average magician, her quirky, mischievous, comedic style, ingenious magic effects & stellar skill-set are just the tip of the iceberg.

Billy’s a one-stop-magic-shop with exceptional, proven, close up skill, escape skills, stage skills, street magic skills, audience participation skills, TV magic skills, social media skills, comedy magic skills & aerial magic skills, plus, she co-hosted “Happy Talk” a weekly series that looked on the brighter side of life with Paul Dabek.

Her screen credits include Wizard Wars, Masters of Illusion, Breaking Magic, the Magic of Science for the Discovery Channel, Now you See It, the Next Great Magician and more.

I believe Billy’s had more success and magic exposure than any other female magician in my lifetime and she’s in her prime!

Billy is multi-faceted, multi-talented and definitely thinks out of the box.  We are thrilled to welcome the unstoppable, undeniably talented Billy Kidd.

Billy Kidd Tak #1 on Magical Women
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