Magical Women

Amanda Nepo

Amanda Nepo is our youngest magical women to date.  Her Magical Women talk reveals her magic process and studies, how she invents and what inspires her original magic, marketing her own product inventions and her social media platforms and secrets to her success.

Amanda is an up and coming, future magic star and she represents magic beautifully.

Amanda Nepo – Talk #1 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Amanda Nepo – Talk #2 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Magical Women

Diana Zimmerman

Diana Zimmerman is a living legend.  She enchanted audiences from age eight and paved the way for Magical Women, inspiring future magicians.

Diana the Enchantress earned the title “the World’s Foremost Lady Magician” with a career that spanned over twenty-five years on stage on television.  AND that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

In addition to her own television show and successes on stage, in 1974 Diana co-created, with Cary Grant, the Junior Magician’s Club at the Magic Castle.  She remains active within the club to date mentoring hands-on some of the most successful young talent to emerge from the program.  She lectures and has invented magic and illusions that have been performed by the biggest stars in magic.

Diana exited the stage and screen as graciously as she entered it in 1984 and since then she’s launched several multi-million-dollar communications companies and authored a highly successful teen-book series called KANDIDE. 

Diana is a role model for success in everything she aspires.  We are excited and honored to have Diana Zimmerman as our magical guest star and part of our series of in-depth talks and sequels.

Diana Zimmerman – Talk #1 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Diana Zimmerman – Talk #2 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Magical Women

Abigail McBride

Abigail McBride along with her husband Jeff are magic icons.  They’ve created a remarkable global magic network and source from Las Vegas with their Magic and Mystery School where they mentor, educate and consult  with magicians of all ages and skill sets.

Their monthly Wonderground magic shows generously provide a safe haven for magicians  and entertainers of all levels, allowing them to workshop and test new and existing material.  Las Vegas headliners often attend their events which provides and encourages magic comradery and support.

Abigail McBride is a skilled magician who performs often at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, she has represented women in magic on NBC and charmed audiences on the “World’s Greatest Magic”.  She’s a magic historian, the human resources director of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School, she’s the host of the annual Sisters of Mystery event, a composer and musician, a belly dancer and a practicing massage therapist, somehow, she manages all of these responsibilities with serene presence and a positivity that is inspiring.

Abigail McBride – Talk #1 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Abigail McBride – Talk #2 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Magical Women

Krystyn Lambert

Kyrstyn Lambert was first hooked on magic at age 4, not only does she remember the magic she watched, she was so inspired she created her own magic coin change effect and performed it for adults immediately afterwards.  Yes, you heard correctly, she was four.  Her initiative, skill and originality has been the catalyst for a magical journey that is nothing short of remarkable. 

She’s experienced on screen, on stage and is equally comfortable and capable when performing close up and personal on the street within crowds.

Krystyn appears fearless, she’s creative and clever; she’s a true story teller and she’s been a magic teen prodigy with a teen TED talk and serious exposure in entertainment, all this before she turned 20. 

Krystyn has represented magic beautifully as a young girl, a teenager and an adult, however, those successes came at a cost, which she acknowledges and credits to where she is today.  

It was a great pleasure to speak with the bewitching, beguiling, magical Krystyn Lambert on our Magical Women interview series, she honestly delves into the struggles she’s had to find her true place in the magic community.

Krystyn Lambert – Talk #1 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Krystyn Lambert – Talk #2 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Magical Women

Josephine Lee

Josephine Lee became an overnight sensation in 2017 with her exquisitely executed illusion presentations that launched her into stardom in multiple episodes of Britain’s Got Talent.

Since that time Josephine has taken the magic world and the entertainment world by storm appearing on “the Next Great Magician”, “the Magicians”, “Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde”, “Showdown of the World’s Best Magicians”, “the Illusionists” and more.

Josephine’s magic career started as an assistant for Hans Klok and her strength of presence, style, agility and performances reflect his magic precision and dynamic, engaging showmanship. 

On Josephine’s first Magical Women YouTube channel talk, Hans Klok discusses Josephine’s transition to lead magician and he says, “she was a good student” and “she performs in a very feminine way which I like.”

Ed Alonzo worked with Josephine in Juliana Chen’s magic tour in China in 2019, which toured 50 cities over multiple months.  He also met up with her on “Masters of Illusion” this year.

Ed Alonzo says, “I just like watching her approach the props before anything even happens because she is just so magical to watch.  The way she moves and looks at you, she makes a great connection with the audience.  And then the magic is so powerful that it’s almost unexpected.”

It is true, audiences are charmed and instantly react to her, there’s a spell-binding beauty and sincerity which translates into a true likeability-factor and reflects her successes in Asia, Europe and most recently “Masters of Illusion” in the US.

In February 2021 Josephine’s image was the cover of VANISH’s Special Edition, “Female Magicians through the Centuries” which was a mosaic composition of images of female magicians past and present to create Josephine’s distinctive look and head shot image.

We are thrilled to include Josephine in our Magical Women series and to learn more about her magic, her creative process and her vision.

Josephine Lee – Talk #1 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Josephine Lee – Talk #2 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Josephine Lee – Talk #3 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Magical Women

Carisa Hendrix

I first became aware of Carisa Hendrix in February 2020 in Toronto.  After watching her performance, I fell in love with Lucy Darling.

Carisa is one of the hottest magicians at the moment, her career is soaring in the midst of a pandemic, and rightly so. She’s created a character called Lucy Darling who is daring, glamourous, sultry, sexy and a wee bit naughty.  She’s adapted, grown and flourished creating solid virtual shows within pandemic confinements.  It’s been awe-inspiring to watch; to witness her accomplishments and to see true talent flourish in the midst of an entertainment and global crisis.

Lucy is just one of Carisa’s performance characters and I’m thrilled to speak with Carisa, to learn more about her creative genius and perspective on magic, creating, performing and shows.  It is with great pleasure we present the terrifyingly talented, Carisa Hendrix in her talk, sequel talks and her show review.

Carisa Hendrix – Talk #1 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Carisa Hendrix – Talk #2 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Carisa Hendrix – Talk #3 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Magical Women

Juliana Chen

Juliana Chen has so many credits and has done so much for magic in her lifetime, it’s tricky to know where to start. 

She’s been at the top and on top of the magic world for decades.  Her star power shines brightly as a brilliant, highly skilled magician, but she’s also a fabulous artistic director, a proven mentor, a FISM judge and a show producer.

Juliana’s unprecedented talent has earned her numerous awards, but in 1997 she performed the impossible becoming the first woman in history to win gold with her solo act at the World Congress of Magic, aka, FISM.

The magic world shifted with Juliana’s achievements, she was dubbed the “First Lady of Magic” and her career has paved the way for many magical women working today.

I consider Juliana a treasured colleague and a very good friend.  It is my great pleasure to include the legendary Juliana Chen on our Magical Women in-depth magic star interview series.

Juliana Chen – Talk #1 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Juliana Chen – Talk # 2 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Billy Kidd Female Magician
Magical Women

Billy Kidd

Billy Kidd is not your average magician, her quirky, mischievous, comedic style, ingenious magic effects & stellar skill-set are just the tip of the iceberg.

Billy’s a one-stop-magic-shop with exceptional, proven, close up skill, escape skills, stage skills, street magic skills, audience participation skills, TV magic skills, social media skills, comedy magic skills & aerial magic skills, plus, she co-hosted “Happy Talk” a weekly series that looked on the brighter side of life with Paul Dabek.

Her screen credits include Wizard Wars, Masters of Illusion, Breaking Magic, the Magic of Science for the Discovery Channel, Now you See It, the Next Great Magician and more.

I believe Billy’s had more success and magic exposure than any other female magician in my lifetime and she’s in her prime!

Billy is multi-faceted, multi-talented and definitely thinks out of the box.  We are thrilled to welcome the unstoppable, undeniably talented Billy Kidd.

Billy Kidd Tak #1 on Magical Women
Billy Kidd Tak #2 on Magical Women
Billy Kidd Tak #3 on Magical Women

Ekaterina Female Magician Magical Women
Magical Women


I first encountered Ekatarina through youtube. I was casting for
a female magician for one of my magic production shows and
Ekatarina’s channel and tutorials popped up.

What struck me about Ekatarina’s work was the quality of her
skill set and the quality of her tutorial videos. She is an
excellent teacher, a skilled magician and a concise magic
product reviewer.

I particularly loved her generosity; providing others with
valuable information and tips; taking the time to explain and
break down specific card handling, manipulation and card

As if that’s not enough she is passionate and brilliant at
cardistry, a marketing accounts manager AND a mother. I
would call her a magical Wonder Woman.

It’s my pleasure to introduce Ekatarina in our first, launch
Magical Women talk. Watch the interviews here.