Magical Woman Lea Kyle is Quickly Changing How the World Sees Magic

Magical Women’s Winners Circlefeatured magician, Léa Kyle, became a viral sensation on Tuesday June 29th, 2021 when her Quick-Change Magic audition-act performance, on America’s Got Talent, received the Golden Buzzer from fashion icon Heidi Klum.

What makes this feat even more spectacular is the fact that the French Female Magician designs and creates all her own original wardrobe looks. 

“I am so excited to meet Heidi Klum because she is the Queen of Fashion,” stated Léa before winning the overwhelming, prestigious award from her idol.  Léa is the first female magician on AGT to win such a high honor and to move forward to the final rounds.

Winning is no surprise to Léa.  Last year she won a Penn & Teller Fool Us award for her astounding, new versions of fashion magic.  Penn Jillette stated, “this is not a quick-change act this is a magic act” and it fooled them.

Last month, Léa placed second in the European FISM, World Championships Qualifying Competition in Manresa, Spain.  With this win she will compete at the World Championships in Quebec next summer.  She is the French Champion of Magic, she’s appeared in the Mandrake d’Or and with great success on France’s got Talent.

Léa attributes her quick rise in the entertainment industry to her partner Florian Sainvet, a 2018 FISM winner in manipulation.  Together they have created exciting new magic methods for visual transformations that happen without cover and boggle the eye and mind. 

Léa is beautiful, talented, hard-working and determined.  She has all the attributes to become a huge magic sensation and thanks to her AGT exposure she is most definitely a quick rising star.

We wait impatiently to see what she will execute in her next performances and what new surprises she has up her sleeve.

Léa Kyle – Talk #1 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel

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