Dania Diaz’s life changed forever one night in 2018 after she appeared on Spain’s Got Talent.  She performed a magic number that told the story of her own personal journey and struggles with magic and cards.  Her ability to connect with the audience and break through a virtual barrier, touching people in their homes was magical.  Her magic added meaning to her words and her words added meaning to her magic.  She was an instant success.

Dania says, “not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine getting the golden buzzer for my audition piece.”   Dania’s magic went viral, from the minute her performance on Spain’s Got Talent aired.  Everything blew up overnight and she was not prepared for the skyrocket to almost instant stardom.

“I think that my story connected with so many people that they remembered me” Dania says, although she had a difficult time grasping how a short three-minute spot on nationwide television could make such an impact and lasting impression. 

Since she was a small child, her mother encouraged Dania’s poetry and story-telling abilities and Dania holds those precious memories close to her heart.  When she decided to include those skills into her magic it immediately felt natural and “right.”

With that discovery of a new performance presentation, came her own unique style and brand which was distinctively different to others in the magic world.  Her gamble was a huge success and Dania became a new magic phenomenon.  Dania’s personal story resonated with the audiences and judges – it was sincere, humble and beautifully executed, skilled magic. 

Dania received not one, but two “golden buzzers” for her performances on Spain’s Got Talent.  The first was given by two of the four judges during her audition performance.  The second was an even more prestigious honor as a four-judge group buzzer during the semi-finals was given, which is the highest recognition of respect and excellence on the program. 

Dania says, “people love to connect with other people.  Everyone has his or her own personal stories.  As an artist I love to put myself out there and to share my experiences.  If they can take something out of my journey and if I can motivate them, that’s the sensation I love to create with the audience; so that they too can feel empowered.  I want them to think, if she did it, I can do it, anyone can.”

America’s Got Talent, the Champions in 2020.  

“It was a high honor to be a Latin American woman and the first female magician to appear on AGT’s the Champions.”  Dania’s concerns that her magic might not connect to American viewers were unfounded and after her first performance, the public voted for her to qualify for the semi-finals of the show. 

“I felt like a diva on AGT’s, the Champions.  I’d learned and gained confidence from my experiences on Spain’s Got Talent and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.” 

Penn & Teller Fool Us WINNER 2021  

In the midst of a pandemic Dania created a new magic act specifically for the Penn & Teller Fool Us show.  The catalyst for her magic was an old legend “Red String of Destiny or Fate”.   In Dania’s magic she tested a young couple’s relationship to be destined to be together.  Giving the couple the option to choose one of many red strings extending from the sides of a heart shaped box and proving they were soul mates by choosing the only connected string.  Her creativity and magic efforts were rewarded and she received a “Fool Us” award.

Dania states, “on both Penn & Teller and AGT the producers and staff were so supportive, helpful and professional.”

VANISH Int’l Magic Magazine featured Dania in July, 2021 as the cover and feature article.  Dania has three different Magical Women, the “Winners Circle”, talks on our YouTube channel series.  She’s also on the Magical Women VIP Star Panel Talk with magic superstar David Copperfield.  Dania Diaz is most definitely a “Magical Woman” and we look forward to documenting her next successes.

Dania Díaz – Talk #1 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Dania Díaz – Talk #2 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Dania Díaz – Talk #3 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel

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