The BBC World Service called Lisa Menna “the most influential female magician of the 20th century and I completely agree with that statement. 

Lisa is a highly skilled and respected magician with a fine wit and excellent comedic timing.  She has proven time and time again talent, abilities, intelligence and humor can convert the toughest of audiences or peers to discover curiosity and wonder.

By age 11 she was a pro as Lisa Lollipop the Clown presenting birthday party magic shows that were the “go to” for local family entertainment.  By age 18 she had performed over 2,000 shows and was a seasoned performer. 

She was the first women ever to perform in each of the Magic Castles different rooms and she is admired as a pioneer in a male- dominated profession.   She’s opened doors for women in magic and has set a very high standard AND she holds the honor of being the only woman to lecture twice at FISM.

Lisa was ranked the #1 corporate magician in the world and her clients include Fortune 500 corporations such as Apple, American Express and Intel, to name a few.  

Her trade show work has been credited in the Wall Street Journal as stopping traffic and bringing 10 times as many sales leads as conventional booth displays.

Most entertainers would be satisfied with those remarkable successes, but Lisa being Lisa has taken it a leap further. 

In 2011 she created Cause to Wonder, curiosity can magically reduce suffering .  Cause to Wonder is a nonprofit charity who travels to places like Ethiopia, India, New Guinea & Mozambique to use magic and music to inspire change with mantra’s like “helping women brings good luck” and the “importance of fresh clean water.”  Her magic and musical jingles plant new thoughts for the future it’s working. and her philanthropist work took her to the UN where she presented for the United Nations commissioner for human rights.

It is an honor and a pleasure include Lisa on our Magical Women interview series, her own intellectual property of life stories and experiences are truly remarkable.

Lisa Menna – Talk #1 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Lisa Menna – Talk #2 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel
Lisa Menna – Talk #3 on Magical Women´s YouTube channel

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